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By returning water to its natural state, SilverShield Protection ensures high quality water is available in your home.  Our cutting edge systems have earned accolades from...


NASA Certified

From Earth to space and back again, NASA Technology Twice used. SilverShield Protection represents a selection of products and processes adapted from technology originally...


Puronics’ Double the Difference Guarantee

Best water system that money can buy! If you find a better water system we’ll give you double the...


Why You Need Alkaline Water

Clean. Pure. Great-tasting. Healthy. The benefits of alkaline water can be seen on the outside of your body and felt on the inside: from rejuvenated skin to organ, muscle and...


Keep Your Family Safe

Combining NASA Technology with user-friendly electronics, the Puronics Terminator MP Series filtration system with MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology ensures your family is...


For The Best Tasting Water

With technology utilized by NASA aboard Space Shuttle Orbiters, our Puronics Hydronex System is the cost-effective water filtration solution for your home. With Computerized...


Taste The Difference

The MicroMax System is designed with your needs in mind, combining the industry’s most effective water treatment techniques with easy-to-use advanced technology.  It brings the...


The Most Affordable and Effective Option in Water Filtration

Protected with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, our Defender System let’s you enjoy Filtered, clean, soft water for years to come.  Both energy and cost efficient, the...


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Aqua Vida Water LLC Is committed to bring the best water on the planet to every home. Everyone deserves the best water for their family.


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We carry the best quality water treatment products available. Our systems carry the highest certifications. Even NASA uses our water filtration technology.


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Recently moved to Phoenix from the east coast, my family noticed dry, itchy skin, out of control hair, psoriasis, “bad” tasting, and hard water build up on the faucets and appliances. We had a vendor to our house and then explored other vendors at the Home Show.

The result of our exploration brought H2Pure, to our home. Being in sales myself, I can be critical of sales people. H2Pure worked directly with us, never using those “threatening” statements of how bad the water can be for us, etc, never pressured us, and never appeared annoyed by the number of questions we asked.

Never one to give a high rating for anything, my husband and I believe that H2Pure deserves the highest rating we can give them James (owner) is a hard worker, and we believe he will work hard for every one of his customers. He was with us every step of the way, from the in home demonstration, to the plumbing site inspection, through to the install. AND a follow up call the next morning to see if “we were all happier with our morning showers”!!

Our Puronics system was recently installed, and there is a definite taste difference for the better, soap performance for the better, and our skin didn’t have the white streaks of dryness on them. Our daughters have already made reference to how much more smooth their hair feels . . .

As for pricing, it is VERY competitive…As for Customer Service, you can’t ask for a better company to take care of your family and you. We look forward to many years of softer, better tasting water, with an easy to use systems, and a who care for their customers…


Cecile Hallberg

It has been two weeks since our system was installed. Our expectations regarding the benefits of using truly clean water have been met and exceeded. My husband has had a rash from his tool bags for years. It is nearly cleared up and I suspect that it will clear entirely once all of his clothes have been washed in water from the Purewater system.


Claudio J. & Maggie B. Elias

Before we had the system installed my skin was dry, especially my hands. No more. My skin is very soft now. I am very grateful I was introduced to this system. We can’t say enough good things about our new Ionics system. We are so sold on this system that we have recommended it to several of our friends. We want to thank you for being so kind, for your honesty and for the introduction to this first class system. We couldn’t be happier.


Elisha & Russel Davis

We have noticed a number of great things with the water. The dishes have less water spots, all soaps seem to rinse out easier and less soap is needed. Our skin is softer and not as dry, our hair seems healthier and our clothes seem to be brighter, colors and whites.


Jerry Hirata

Just a few words to tell you about the water-conditioning unit that I purchased from your company. I am very pleased and satisfied with the unit and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be interested in purchasing a new unit. Also would like to comment on your wonderful service and special attention I have received.



We were looking for a reverse osmosis system to create drinking water the same or better than bottled. My family is extremely fussy about the taste of the water, and none of the store bought systems provided a clean taste. Our reverse osmosis system has worked out great, better than expected. I no longer need to buy water for our water bottles. We have seen an improvement in everything we use the RO water for. I would highly recommend this system. James was a pleasure to work with, answered all our questions and made sure that we were satisfied after the installation.

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