Combining NASA Technology with user-friendly electronics, the Puronics Terminator MP Series filtration system with MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology ensures your family is getting high quality water at all times.

This technology is based on silver ion technology, originally developed by NASA for use on Space Shuttle Orbiters. It’s also WQA, NFS certified and EPA Registration. In addition, it embeds microscopic particles of silver into the SilverShield HYgene media to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed, while reducing objectionable taste and odors.

Housed in a food grade 316L stainless steel tank that provides the ultimate sanitary surface for water processing, Terminator MP offers the only stainless steel tanks certified to NSF standards in the water treatment industry.

User-friendly electronics with LED displays allow for easy programming and monitoring. Three modes of regeneration are offered for optimum efficiency: intermediate, delayed metering or delayed time clock.

Terminator MP series has a Conditioner to provide higher flow rates and efficiencies while reducing iron, turbidity and hardness. It also has a Clarifier offering silica gravel polished water of sparking clarity. Terminator MP series brings the future of water filtration into your home today. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with our Puronics water filtration system. It is available in several sizes to meet the needs of your family and home size.

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