Clean. Pure. Great-tasting. Healthy. The benefits of having alkaline water while living in Houston, Texas can be seen on the outside of your body and felt on the inside: from rejuvenated skin to organ, muscle and joint lubrication that helps prevent many injuries and age-related diseases. Because it contains fewer molecules and is more easily absorbed by the body due to its pH balance, alkaline filtered water is better for hydration. (The pH scale originates in chemistry and measures acidity/alkalinity.) Since alkaline water has a pH level higher than regular tap water, it helps flush harmful toxins from the body. Plus, alkaline is the best tasting on Earth!

21 Reasons To Switch Your Water To Aqua Vida

When it comes to drinking, cooking and keeping your body healthy, compared to others like Culligan and EvoClear, the Alka 2100 Alkaline Water System is the best solution for your water issues. With the variety of contaminants that can be found in your current drinking water, now is the time to upgrade to our state-of-the-art, high-level filtration system. Enjoy healthy, clean water right from your tap—with the press of a button!

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