Micromax 7000

The Premier Drinking Water System for Peace of Mind
  • Top Quality Drinking Water

  • Quality Water for Baby Formula

  • Better Tasting Coffee, Tea & Juice

  • Better Care for Plants and Aquariums

  • Low Sodium Diets

The Micromax 7000 Reverse Osmosis Drinking water System

The Micromax 7000 drinking water system is designed to produce crystal clear, clean, great-tasting water. The quality construction and superior performance of this system ensures maximum protection of your family’s drinking water for years to come. The 4-stage advanced technology is packaged in a low-profile, sleek, durable design that fits easily under any kitchen sink.


Patented Easy Change™ sanitary filter cartridges automatically shut off water when removed for quick, no-leak filter replacement

Operates on household water pressure and uses no electricity

Kitchen Faucet Adapter allow easy connection to cold water supply- no need for needle valves or special plumbing

The process

Stage 1 – Activated Carbon Filter – Protects the entire system by removing dirt, rust and sediments

Stage 2 – Ultra-filtration (UF) – Self-cleaning, super-fine filter reduces particulate material and creates a barrier to waterborne cysts if present.

Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis (RO) – Allows water molecules to pass through while reducing the majority of dissolved solids and metals

Stage 4 – Activated carbon Block Adsorption- polishes water from storage tank

removing unpleasant tastes and odors.

The Micromax 7000 has been laboratory tested in accordance with NSF International Standards to provide complete assurance in the system’s quality, performance and durability.

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