MV Series

The Budget-Minded Solution for Conditioned Water
Enjoy the Extensive Benefits of Conditioned Water AND Save Money
  • Improved hair and skin condition

  • Quality care for clothing and linens

  • Minimal electricity usage

  • Reduced salt consumption

  • Savings on cleaning supplies

  • Extends life of appliances and plumbing

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Metered Control Means Cost Control
  • Automatically meters any changes in water usage

  • Initiates regeneration cycle only when ion exchange resin nears exhaustion

  • Saves on salt consumption (up to 40%), water usage and sewage taxes

6-Cycle Noryl Control Valve
  • Durable, corrosion resistant construction guarantees years of trouble-free performance

  • Accurately measures required salt dosage for extremely efficient regeneration

  • 24-volt valve uses approximately 10 cents of electricity per month

  • Bypass Valve is ideal for applications not requiring conditioned water such as lawn and car care

High-Capacity S-859 Resin
  • Superior hardness removal as compared to conventional resins

  • Uses less salt and water for more efficient regeneration cycles

  • Monospheric resin design ensures higher flow rates through resin bed

Commercial Products

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