From NASA to Your Home

Our SilverShield Protection Ensures a high quality water for your home or office. Both NSF certified and EPA registered, our line of water treatment systems include extensive and effective technologies, including:

  • Adsorption

  • Deionization

  • Electrodeionization

  • Ion exchange

  • Microsilver bacteriostasis

  • Nano filtration

  • Micro-filtration

  • Ultra filtration

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Ultraviolet disinfection

  • Oxidation/Reduction

  • Ozonation

  • Multi-media filtration

This ensures you’ll get the cleanest, highest quality water is flowing through the faucet at your home or office.

Our systems have earned us accolades from a variety of agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, NSF, National Science Fund and Water Quality Association. We are proud to have been awarded the WQA Gold Seal, Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation and recognized by the EPA as a Climate Leader.

Silver has been used for centuries as an anti-microbial, from the ancient Egyptians all the way to NASA scientists, who in the 1970s developed silver ion technology to purify drinking water in space for astronauts. Ionics (now Puronics) capitalized on these advancements for household water treatment systems to create SilverShield Protection, guaranteeing the highest quality water for any home or office. The cornerstone of SilverShield Protection is Puronics MicroSilver Bacteriostatis technology, which uses microscopic particles of silver embedded into our SilverShield HYgene filter media—using a proprietary process unrivaled in the water filtration industry!   

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Commercial Products

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