Water Filtration

Puronics® Water Filtration for an Eco-Friendly and Safe Working Environment

It’s vital for businesses to provide their employees with good drinking water. It helps to keep your staff happy and on the team. Businesses often incur expenses every month in this effort.

Bottled water is expensive.

Water Filtration Systems win over bottled water for drinking

There is a solution much less expensive than bottled water. Installing a water filtration unit to provide quality water can reduce costs as well as ensure proper hydration of your workers.

Puronics provides solutions for the replacement of bottled water in large and small offices with our innovative water filtration technology. Our wide range of water filtration systems answers the call for pure and clean water and helps to improve the quality of life within your company.

Did you know that only around 12 percent of customized plastic bottles were recycled in 2003? This is according to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc. That means that forty million bottles a day went into the trash or became litter. Even for plastic soft drink bottles, the recycling rate is only around 30 percent.

Puronics Water Filtration Systems lower office expenses

Using Puronics water-filtering products eliminates the need to store bottles of water and reduces the amount of discarded plastic bottles. You will find your office expense is significantly lowered, and your employees happy working for a “green” eco-friendly company.

Our solutions include a hot and cold-water dispenser providing water filtered by either micro-filtration or reverse osmosis. Our office water dispensers are protected by ultra-violet disinfection, providing you with fresh, good tasting water that is both healthy for your employees and good for the environment.

To give you the best service possible, Puronics products are only available through Full Service Dealers. They are trained and educated thoroughly in every Puronics system. You can depend on their knowledge in choosing the ideal system for your business. They will be on hand for installation and service.

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